Having asset information at hand and in one place is really essential for any business. Simply it is a must so as to guarantee information is easier to manage and store in a database that’s stress-free to access.

Managing fixed assets can prove to be a frightening, particularly when one has to indulge in time-consuming depreciation calculation. The process becomes all the more complex if the person doesn’t even have an appropriate listing or valuation of the assets that they own.

The problem is not only of evaluating the value of these assets. If they are not correctly classified, they may not be utilized effectively. Given this scenario, a fixed asset management solution offers the faultless solution to work towards optimum returns.

Getting the fixed asset management software would be a clever move. Mainly as software can be configured so that as work is successfully carried out on your assets. The principal database is automatically updated in real-time.

The right software – some of your questions answered

What are “assets”?

By assets, we mean fixed and tangible items.

What asset data can be stored?

Asset data can comprise all of the following: reports and other documents, manuals, specifications, and images and photos.

The system can also be configured to successfully store and manage other information as demanded.

What attributes are assigned to assets?

Attributes can contain the condition, age, and life cycle information.

How would the software work?

To help you successfully take control of your assets, the latest fixed asset accounting software on the market would bring together a single database which brings asset information in one place and makes this stress-free to manage through a number of key features.

Key features

Asset pages will have asset information on every property in one place, making this information simple to view, store and maintain. Information can be usually be updated very easily, guaranteeing the asset management database is always updated and your asset strategy based on the correct and timely information.

Mobile device compatibility which makes the most of the time field workers spend on your assets, as asset and survey data can be collected during works and be straight inputted to a mobile device. This can stop you from having to do periodic and expensive stock condition surveys, as this data can be collected via mobile devices during both responsive and planned works.


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