How to verify domain blocking with Google AdSense


Google AdSense is probably the best program available to allow web bloggers and website owners to take advantage of the popularity of their sites. The resulting income can be profitable and valuable, however, it is necessary to verify your domain since Google AdSense restricted sites will not have this option.

The five most useful web tools

There are many web application tools where you can verify if a domain is prohibited by Google AdSense, and the first 5 points are covered here. Method 1 is the simple and basic way to manually verify the domain. In this case, you can perform a standard Google search using the domain name. There will be no results that are usually returned as a reference to remove the relevant domain from the Google index. It is clear that the new domains may not get any results due to the lack of pages or content in the index.

The second web application used to determine if a domain is prohibited from revenue and Google AdSense verification is used by any of the automated detection methods such as This is a simple tool where webmasters can enter their URL and perform an immediate verification.

Google Webmaster Tools

The third recommended web application for users who plan to use revenue generation capabilities in Google AdSense is to take full advantage of the services available through Google Webmaster Tools. With this, you can verify, improve and improve the latest information on all aspects of your website.

Google AdSense Sandbox

The fourth tool that should include potential webmasters in your arsenal is Google AdSense Sandbox. When you use this tool, the ad screen indicates that the site is in the index and is not blocked. This tool will also indicate exactly what is wrong and allow domain level corrections to be eligible for the program again.

Website Builder

The fifth and final tool that should be part of any webmaster weapon is the creator of a reliable e-commerce website like bookmydomainhost website builder. The aggregation of a commercial website can be complicated, and the use of an expert to direct a process through this process will eliminate all the risks that block your Google AdSense domain by verifying that the domain is generated in an ethical and correct manner. There are many reasons why a website can be removed from the Google index, and following the guidelines and instructions of the specialists will include full compliance with the rules of the AdSense program.


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