Keeping a correct record of fixed assets is a bulky task for any company but a necessary one in order to manage assets properly. Fixed asset inventory software can aid to make this a less arduous task and help to eradicate any errors and mistakes.

No matter what the company size, there is a need to manage a lot of fixed assets, varied types of assets, rapidly changing asset bases, and ever-changing tax laws and necessities. Fixed asset inventory services can streamline these varied fixed asset accounting and inventory tracking processes by combining all the tools a company may require in one convenient package.

Eradicate any errors and mistakes in asset inventory –

Most fixed asset inventory software accessible today is user-friendly and simply integrates with general ledger spreadsheets that may presently be used in a company’s accounting department. The software can also lessen the weight of fixed asset depreciation calculations for financial and tax reporting, and personal property tax filings.

  • The software can make the task of fixed asset management stress-free from acquisition through disposal.
  • Software such as this removes redundant data entry, upsurges accuracy, and decreases costs for manual tracking of fixed assets.
  • There is fixed asset inventory software available from the basic system to the more sophisticated RFID long-range asset management.
  • A number of companies offer free fixed asset inventory software on the internet. In addition, there are companies for hire and complete the task for a fee.

In today’s business world reports recommend that it is not unusual for 65% of all corporate fixed asset data to be imperfect or inaccurate. Even more alarming is that 10% to 30% of all recorded fixed assets are found to be any more owned by a company when fixed asset inventory software is executed.

In addition to helping to keep a correct record of all fixed assets belonging to a company, fixed asset inventory services can help to keep track of effective maintenance schedules for equipment.

Obviously, when equipment is correctly maintained there is less cost to a company through lost time with equipment that is not working to saving money on expensive repairs due to poor maintenance.

Fixed asset inventory software can be found to effectively fit any business and has recognized to be an asset when designed to fit a specific business’s needs.


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