Product Engineering Services by ITC InfoTech


We at ITC InfoTech focus on providing excellent solutions which assist the businesses through various stages of product engineering by developing Software Product Engineering Solutions. It encompasses various solutions such as Product lifecycle management solution, Natural Language Processing system  for analytics, DevOps for optimisation of the software development process, Property management solution etc. Over a period of time, we have co-innovated and partnered with various renowned software companies like SAP, Oracle etc and aim to continue these close partnerships to deliver the technologically advanced product engineering services to our clients.

We have displayed remarkable results in lowering the costs for the firms during the ownership of the re-engineered products and also in supply chain management of the products ensuring faster deliveries & lesser lead time. Our product lifecycle management solution has enormously helped clients in enabling flawless product development. We offer transparent and flexible solutions for product lifecycle management (PLM) and businesses no more have to be sceptical about deployment of these solutions. Our innovative proprietary tools like ZICOS and Stealth Log Analysis Tool (SLAT) developed by our expert team members assist to improve PLM.  As the businesses face constant hurdle of digital mobility we have devised digital solutions for overcoming it. Now the remote workers can work smarter from any location. We have native and hybrid application designs for enhanced adoptability and seamless integration across back-end and external systems. This offers a cost-effective strategy as managing back-end services becomes easy.

One of the other services includes Cloud service management. This is also powered by another proprietary tool called Cloud Ocular. It bears machine learning algorithms which detect anomalies within the framework and also categorizes application for cloud deployment. We have a best in class solutions for cloud migration and cloud adoption. We also assist to reduce the costs involved in the process. This effectively increases better resource utilization and operational efficiency. Besides, we safeguard the business data online and ensure better safety risk mitigation.

Our technology solutions have also touched the healthcare industry. As healthcare industry is observing rapid advancements in the technology, we aim to leverage the digital intelligence and help the healthcare clients deliver better managed care to their patients by offering digital IT solutions, medical devices linked to internet, and predictive diagnostics to aid doctors to simplify their decision making.


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