Interactive digital solutions by ITC InfoTech


ITC InfoTech offers interactive digital solutions to enable heightened engagement with the customers of multiple businesses in diverse industries.

We provide digital solution services to multiple clients and our powerful insights drawn from the digital tools have assisted them to streamline their processes, identify the bottlenecks and close the loopholes which were draining energy as well as time of their employees. These greatly enhanced their productivity and thereby increased the efficiency of the organisation as a unit. We have also accomplished successful implementation of the IT digital solutions and hassle free integration within multi-departments for various clients thereby lowering their cost inputs and bolstering their profits.

We offer digital strategy consulting in the field of digital marketing to guide the clients in devising digital strategy for the businesses, content creation and designing, Search Engine Optimization, enabling Affiliate and email marketing etc. We also provide social listening, monitoring and web analytics tools where the clients can visualize and track their audience in real time and record the number of people accessing their website in order to gain in-depth insights. These insights include the source of traffic, the device majorly used to visit the website and plenty of other parameters that can be shuffled across the interface to compare different parameters with one another. Social media insights educate the business firms to appreciate the reach and engagement with their audience and provide clarity about performance of the brand on online social platform.

In an instance, we have assisted an insurance firm to create enhanced user experience for their customers. Their website was unable to offer a user friendly interface and engage their customers. We supported the client to create self service features in the website for convenient navigation and thus empowering their customers. This led to increase in the number of customer visits on their site and also the average time of the visit session by the customer was also improved.


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